• What is a Bariatrician?

    A Bariatrician is a licensed physician who is a member of the Society of Bariatric Physician (ASBP) and has received special training in bariatric medicine regarding overweight and obesity and its associated conditions.

    A physician-supervised medical weight loss program may be the safest and wisest way to lose weight. Overweight and obesity is a very complex medical disease. A medical weight loss specialist has done extra study, training and testing to be a bariatric physician. They are trained to recognize complications due to obesity. They prescribe safe FDA approved appetite suppressants for patients who qualify. They also monitor drug interactions. These are only a few reasons why you want to see a medical professional when dealing with obesity

  • What is the Cost?

    Money is and should be an issue when considering any weight loss program. In developing our program at Doctors Weight Loss, Dr Welch considered many options; his main goal was to make it affordable to everyone. Most medically supervised programs are around $350.00 for your first visit. He knows this not a realistic price and he will not be able to help many people who truly need the help in dealing with obesity.

    Your first visit (appointment) at Doctors Diet Program is $69.00. Your first visit will take about an hour and twenty minutes. It consists of:

    • Weight, measurements and vital signs
    • BMI is determined
    • Nutritional class of our eating program
    • Medications if you medically qualify

    Blood tests are done for a one time charge of $79.00. These cost about $180.00 in most labs. These tests include a comprehensive medical panel, lipid panel, CBC, and a Thyroid panel.

    Follow-up visits are scheduled at 30 day intervals. Follow-up visits are $69.00.

  • Is there a Contract?

    No. There is no contract.

  • Why should I choose your program over others?

    • Successful Results
    • Experience
    • Scientific Knowledge
    • Professionalism
    • Compassion
    • Understanding

    All at prices that are affordable to most everyone.

  • Do diet pills really work?



    The FDA Approved diet pills do work.

    The medications we use have been approved by the FDA for both safety and efficacy.

  • How do diet pills work?

    The main action of diet pills used in weight reduction is to reduce your appetite. Therefore you eat less food.

  • Are Diet Pills Safe?

    Yes, if taken as prescribed