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Hormones play an important role in your health by regulating your mental and bodily functions, from your mood to your digestion and libido. Common factors like stress, age, or childbirth can cause your hormones to become imbalanced, which can affect your energy levels, quality of sleep, and even your weight. At Doctors Diet Program, Dr. Richard Welch and the rest of the team offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to optimize your hormones and allow you to experience improvements to your energy, sex drive, and mental acuity. Call our location in Bowling Green, KY to arrange an appointment.

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy at Doctors Diet Program is an excellent solution to help stabilize your hormones, elevate your mental state, and boost your sexual desire. Advantages of this hormone therapy at our Bowling Green, KY office involve:

  • Improving overall energy
  • Improving mental abilities
  • Diminishing or reversing hair loss
  • Improving quality of sleep
  • Reducing the symptoms of menopause
  • Hormones are structurally the same as those produced by your body
  • Increasing libido and sexual performance
  • Improving how you feel and diminishing fluctuations in your mood
  • Burning fat and creating muscle mass

Who Can Have Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is frequently used to help individuals who are dealing with decreased or imbalanced hormone levels. Often, these issues are widespread among patients aged 40 or older, and they notice changes in their energy levels, sex drive, weight, and brain focus. These signs can also occur in females under age 50 who have had a total hysterectomy. Imbalanced hormones could cause numerous health issues, such as sexual dysfunction, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, night sweats, sleeping troubles, and memory issues.

Dr. Welch will build your customized HRT plan after sitting with you for a thorough consultation. To start your treatment, we will take a small blood sample to measure your current health and hormone levels. This will help our team decide on the dosage and kind of treatment that might be ideal for you, as well as the hormones that are out of balance. Your plan can vary based on the kind of HRT that is chosen. HRT is usually prescribed as either swallowable capsules, tiny pellets that are placed into the epidermis (pellet therapy), or injections. These hormones are chemically equivalent to your body's natural hormones.

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Hormone replacement therapy is a highly personalized treatment, so it's important that you follow Dr. Welch's instructions and continue coming to our office for follow-up visits. Some of the most common side effects of BHRT include such as sensitivity, pimples, hair thickening, and moodiness, all of which are normal as your body balances itself. During the course of your treatment, our team will follow up with you to monitor changes in your health. The dosage level and treatment regimen can furthermore be readjusted as necessary. Many patients start noticing improvements in the way they feel within a week or two of starting BHRT.

It's completely normal for your hormones to get out of balance after a major life change like aging or childbirth, but you don't have to live with low energy and brain fog. We encourage you to arrange an appointment at Doctors Diet Program in Bowling Green, KY to discover more details about the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. As a highly personalized therapy, hormone replacement therapy can be adjusted to your specific goals so you can gain relief from imbalances in hormone levels and get on track to losing weight and feeling better.

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What causes hormone imbalances?

Hormones are organic signals that are responsible for supporting your body's functions. Multiple causes may create a disparity in your hormone quantities.

How can you tell if your hormones are unbalanced?

A few factors might create an imbalance in your hormone quantities. These include but aren't limited to your age, behavioral habits, chronic stress, drugs you take, menopause, and several health concerns. Imbalanced hormones also look differently in women than in men. For instance, women can have irregular periods, while men have diminished sexual performance.

What are some long-term benefits of BHRT?

Hormone replacement therapy assists the brain and body's arrival at optimal performance. They should impact your emotions, rest, and libido, plus offer a reprieve to patients who are self-conscious, frustrated, or down about their hormone fluctuations. Our professionals at Doctors Diet Program will supply additional details at the primary hormone appointment

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